Installation of heating
in a private house

To increase the efficiency

And increase the life of the heating system, professionals recommend installing heating in a private house with your own hands using polypropylene pipes. Already after a year of operation, the efficiency of their metal counterparts decreases, all because at elevated temperatures, these pipes begin to rust from the inside. Advantages of a heating system made of polypropylene This heating scheme is characterized by many advantages, among which it is worth highlighting the following: Ease of installation - such a system is quite easy to do on your own, moreover, the work is done. soon.

Reliability and durability - polypropylene is considered a modern material, its service life is more than 50 years, it is not subject to the formation of scale, corrosion and other deposits, it withstands chemical and thermal effects. Due to the high-quality connection of the pipes, their leaks are completely excluded. Low cost - compared to heating systems made of cast-iron, steel or metal-plastic pipes, do-it-yourself heating installed with polypropylene pipes in a private house will be several times cheaper. Kindness to the environment.


Efficiency - polypropylene pipes

Have excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which significantly reduces heat loss and, consequently, ensures uniform heating of heaters and generally increases the efficiency of the system. Silent operation: Polypropylene pipes also have good soundproofing qualities. It is possible to improve the aesthetic appearance of the room - due to durability and high reliability, do-it-yourself heating installation in a private house can be carried out inside the building structures.

The quality of installation work depends on the chosen material: it is advisable to use reinforced pipes for heating systems, ordinary products are suitable for plumbing and sewage. Polypropylene pipes are sensitive to high temperatures, so their use in areas with fire risk is not recommended. Disadvantages of polypropylene products It is very important to purchase polypropylene pipes only from reliable manufacturers, since their disadvantages directly depend on the use of low-quality raw materials, as well as violations of production technology.


Presence of an aluminum layer reduces the coefficient of expansion of the pipes when the refrigerant passes through them. However, when choosing reinforced products, it is necessary to take into account their location. If the layer is laid closer to the outside, this will complicate the welding process, in connection with this, installing heating in a private house with your own hands will require the purchase of additional equipment (a special trimmer or a shiver).

Another variety is fiberglass-reinforced pipes, they are similar in quality to products with a foil layer. However, the first type is characterized by a high rate of thermal expansion, but its installation is a little easier. Design of heating systems Before you carry out heating in a private house with your own hands, you need to design it correctly. If the heating installation is carried out in a country house, the boiler must be installed in a separate room. In the apartment it is allowed to place it in the kitchen or in the hallway.

Room must be equipped with an exhaust system. When planning the heating system, it is important to consider that the return pipe should not be lower than the supply to the boiler, otherwise circulation will be somewhat difficult or completely impossible. To do this, you need to draw a three-dimensional diagram of pipes indicating the heating devices, the passage levels of the enclosing structures and the angles of rotation. It is worth noting that it is much easier to heat with polypropylene pipes in a private house than with any other system.


According to the plan

Length of the pipeline, the number of connecting and rotating parts are calculated. Types of installation Installation of a system of polypropylene products can be carried out in two types: Overflow: gravity type, which is caused by a temperature difference. Such a system in private houses is the most common, since it is simple, reliable and does not require the installation of expensive pumping equipment.

Bottom spill - the movement of the coolant along the heating circuit is carried out forcibly by a pump. The main advantage of such a system is the possibility of its use in multi-storey buildings. In addition, small diameter pipes can be used, with this wiring configuration it does not matter.



Polypropylene pipe heating system today has become quite widespread among consumers due to its advantages, low cost, reliability and simplicity. Now you also know how to install a heating system with your own hands, from polypropylene products. This article helped you make sure that you can install this heating system, including pipe welding, on your own, without resorting to any outside help. And most importantly, the use of such a system is possible not only in a one-story building, but also in apartment buildings.

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